3000 lb. 12-Volt Capacity Electric Wench

3000 lb. 12-Volt Capacity Electric Wench

- The Speedway 3000 lbs. 12-Volt Winch features a 1.34 HP, 12-Volt, permanent magnetic motor, a 1.24 in. by 2.9 in. drum and a 3 in. bolt pattern. Its planetary gearing allows for a fast pull and a sure hold. With 35 ft. of 3/16 in. cable and safety clevis hook, this winch will allow you to secure and pull a variety of items. The 3 stage system with automatic load holding break ensures a quality job every time. The winch also features a 4.5 ft. corded remote control, a 6 ft. power cord, a pulley block and mounting plate roller fairlead that smoothly guides the wire in and out of the winch.
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    1.34 HP, 12-volt, permanent magnetic motor; 1.24 by 2.9 in. drum; 3 in. bolt pattern
    Planetary gearing; 153:1 gear ratio; spline joint clutch
    35 ft. of 3/16 in. cable with safety clevis hook; Pulley block
    Mounting plate roller; 3 stage system with auto load holding brake
    4.5 ft. corded remote control; 6 ft. power cord; power in, power out
    1 year warranty



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