100-Amp Rolling Battery Charger

100-Amp Rolling Battery Charger

The Speedway Wheeled Battery Starter/Charger is the ideal choice when your battery needs a quick charge or jump. It features a 12V, 2 amp trickle that charges a small 12V battery in 2-12 hours. If your car or truck needs a start, the unit features 12V, 10 amp setting. No need to worry if your truck needs a quick charge because the unit also features a 6V, 40 amp fast charge setting. The 6V, 40 amp fast charge and 6V, 100 amp starting features offer versatility. The 3 hour charge timer has a hold function which allows you to continuously charge the battery and the voltmeter and ammeter gauges accurately show the charge. 79 inch long charging cables allow you greater versatility and reach, and the side brackets on the side of the unit allow for easy storage. The 7 inch, hard rubber wheels are oil resistant and allow for greater safety.
  • Details

    - Includes: Voltmeter and ammeter gauges, 3 hour charge timer with hold function for continuous charging, 79 in. long charging cables, 7 in. diameter hard rubber black oil resistant wheels, fan cooled for longer life, side brackets to secure cables
    - Charge deep cycle and maintenance free batteries with ease
    Indicator light tells you when battery is fully charged
    Automatic resetting circuit breaker for accidental over loading
    - Heavy duty clamps designed for top and side mount battery posts
    - Amp meter monitors charging process
    - Easy to read impact resistance meter for constant charging status
    - 6 Volt - 100 Amp for starting
    - 6 Volt - 40 Amp for fast charging
    - 12 Volt - 2 Amp trickle charges small 12 Volt battery in 2 - 12 hours
    - 12 Volt - 10 Amp for auto/ trucks, 12 Volt - 40 Amp for quick charging



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